ZionWorx 2014 review

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ZionWorx 2014 is the third major release of the popular worship presentation software, which has attracted worldwide support since its initial release in 2002.

We have been using the previous version of the ZionWorx at our church for many years and have been eagerly awaiting the release of this newest version.

Essentially this piece of software allows you to present song lyrics, videos, bible verses, PowerPoint presentations and live video (say from a webcam) all from within a single application. As you can see from the screenshot below the window is split into three columns. The first contains all of your songs and other media, the second your playlist. And the third allows you to control whatever content is currently being displayed.

Adding content (such as a song) from your collection to the playlist is easy. All you need to do is drag and drop it into place.

One thing that we thing to watch out for is that it isn’t always clear which slide you are on. As you can see in the screenshot above the slide currently being shown has a thin green border to it, and the next ‘queued’ slide has an aqua border. Both of these look very similar in the heat of a service! We have since spoken to the ZionWorx team and they have shown us how you can change the colour of these outlines to something more distinctive. This can be done by going to File, and clicking Options.

Playing video files, such as mp4 or Quicktime files is straight forward. Simply add the video into your collection on the right, then to your playlist. When you want to play a video it will appear in the right panel along with all of your standard controls. It also features a start and stop flag feature which is saved to your playlist. So there is no reason not to show all of your favourite videos of pigeons walking, pandas sneezing, or maybe even something vaguely religious during your service! One thing to note however is that like most worship programmes DVD playback is not supported.

Like with most major software releases we have noticed a few bugs with the first few releases, however the Zionworx team have proven to be friendly to contact and quick to investigate and release updates. The current release 3.0.4 seems much more stable than their initial release.

Overall Zionworx 2014 is a very impressive bit of software. It packs in a most (and in some cases more) features than its pricier competitors, looks modern and is easy to use.

A free 60 day trial of Zionworx is available on their website: www.zionworx.net

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Paul Lee

Paul is the founder of Church Rocks with a passion for Christian and secular media. He spends Saturday nights volunteering as a Street Pastor in a town in Hertfordshire.


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