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By using this website you agree to the following terms of service.

Cookies, privacy and advertising

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers placed by a website onto a user`s computer when he or she accesses the website. Cookies are used by virtually all modern websites. By using Church Rocks you agree that you are happy for us and our trusted third parties (outlined below) to store cookies on your browser.

Cookies implemented by Church Rocks

Like many sites Church Rocks uses cookies to enhance your experience of using our site. Several of which are essential in order for the site to function correctly, providing functionality for authentication and security. Others are required to improve your experience (for example if you were about to post a comment, but needed to login, cookies are used to remember that you were about to post a comment so that we can take you back there after you have logged in).

Cookies implemented by third parties

Church Rocks uses services from a number of trusted third parties (for services such as advertising and analytic providers). These providers may also implement cookies on your browser, privacy policies for each of these are outlined below:


We respect your privacy and will not sell or share your details to anyone without your concent. You should note that information that you add to your public profile will be published publicly which anyone can access. You should not add details to your public profile which you do not wish to share in this way. By default we share the basic activity (such as page views, or social media shares) of all users as part of our activity feed. If you would rather your activity is not shared in this way you can change the settings in your profile.


Advertising helps to fund this website, helping us to continue providing the products and services we offer for free. We try and tailor our ads so that we only display which we belive to be relevant to you. If you would rather that we and our trusted third parties did not tailor advertising to you in this way you will need to opt-out using the link below. Please note opting out of tailored advertising will not reduce the amount of adverts that you will see.

Acceptable behaviour (Community guidelines)

Content uploaded to the site

In order to maintain a safe, and pleasant environment for all users you must follow our community guidelines whenever uploading anything onto the site:

  • Do not upload copyrighted material unless you have permission from the copyright holder to do so.
  • Do not upload any material that is hateful, violent, harassing, sexually explicit, pornographic, slanderous or untrue.
  • Do not upload any material that is illegal or that promotes, depicts or facilitates illegal activity.
  • Do not post spam.

If you do not follow the above rules we may delete your content and your account. Furthermore where necessary we will share any such information with law enforcement agencies, or copyright holders. If you find any material which you belive is in breach of our community guidelines please email and we will investigate.

Accounts for churches, groups, charities or businesses

You can only create an account for a church, group, charity or business if you are an official representative from it, or have permission from the organisation to do so.

The details added to your organisations profile should be accurate and truthful. Any account found to contain ficticious details may be deleted.

Upon request from an official organisation we may (at our discretion) delete any account that has been created by an unauthorised user without the organisation's consent.

Accounts for individuals

You must complete the sign-up form for a individual account truthfully, and these should include your real details.

Individual accounts made with ficticious details, or on behalf of an organisation may be deleted.

No warranty

This service is provided on a as-is basis. No warranty or guarantee for fitness for any purpose is provided. This includes all details or information provided on this site.

Church Rocks does not endorse any church or organisation listed on this site. This site contains user-generated material. We are not responsible for the material published by our users. If you find any material which you belive is in breach of our community guidelines please email and we will investigate.


This agreement is to be governed in accordance with the law of England. Any action arising from it must take place in courts located in England. By using this site you agree to be subjected to the jurisdiction of England.

Severability and Revisions

If any part of this agreement is found to be unlawful, or legally unenforcable that part will be deemed void, however the remainder of the agreement will remain valid. This agreement supersedes all older versions, and will be superseded by any later revision. By continuing to use this site following a revision to this terms of service you agree to be bound by the revised terms.

Revision date: 28/09/2014

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