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Welcome to Church Rocks, the social network that is connecting Christian communities.

I founded this network in my front room with the simple aim of helping churches and Christian organisations connect with each other, and their local communities. God has been greatly supportive of the project so far, with thousands of churches getting involved from across the country all the way from Inverness to Penzance! We have also been featured in the media and on national radio.

We do not have a big budget, or fancy marketing people. In-fact quite the opposite! But what we do have is much better, an awesome God who I trust and has backed me all the way! I belive that God has great plans for this project. Plans to support churches of all shapes, sizes and denominations, and also the groups, charities and small businesses that are also working hard to do God's work wherever they are in the world.

You can connect your church, group or business for free. This is because we believe outreach is important, and that no-one should have their outreach hindered by something as simple as not having enough cash.

You can easily find out what is going on in your local community, as well as connecting with other ministries, charities, churches and Christian businesses.

That's about it, I hope that you find Church Rocks useful. If you have not yet created an account you can do so by clicking the blue Join button at the top of the screen.

If you have any questions or ideas please get in touch. My email address is paul@churchrocks.net.

All the best,


Easily find and connect with churches, groups and charities from all denominations.

Discover activities, and events happening near you.

Share your photos, videos and updates.

Interact with the people and organisations you care about.

Be part of a community that loves God and wants to share it.

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